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Protect your enterprise's digital assets with Claveo second-factor authentication

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The most secure authentication solution with just one click

Secure all of your company's digital assets with one seamless mobile platform:

  • No tokens or one-time passwords
  • Integrates with any platform in minutes
  • Never sees nor stores any secret information
  • Public key cryptographic design provides unparalleled fraud protection

Not all second-factor solutions are created equal

How do you choose among the many solutions being offered?

Read the Claveo Criteria Guide to learn what you need to know about second-factor authentication. If the vendor you are considering cannot answer "Yes" to these three security questions, you will not be secure. It's as simple as that.

Embrace BYOD without compromising security and flexibility

Authorize everything with the security Claveo puts in every pocket:

  • Unique cryptographic signatures
  • Real-time authorization requests
  • No hardware to purchase, distribute, or replace
  • Intuitive self-registration and deactivation

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